Signs You Need Periodontal Therapy

Graphic image showing the stages of periodontal or gum disease

Periodontal therapy is a term used to describe treatments to restore the health of your gums. We advise patients to take notice of certain oral issues that could indicate a problem with their gums. Advanced Dentistry of Woodland, serving Woodland, CA and the nearby region, offers treatments like scaling and planing that can help with gum-related issues.

Bleeding Gums

If you notice your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you more than likely have some type of inflammation in your gums. The bleeding stems from the inflammation and sensitivity caused by bacteria on, around, and underneath your gums. You may even have bleeding when you eat hard foods. Some individuals notice their gums start bleeding without any stimulation to trigger it. The only way to stop the recurring bleeding is to remove the bacteria from this area. This includes underneath your gums – where you can’t see or reach with standard oral hygiene practices.

Receding Gums

When your gums separate and pull away from your teeth they are said to be receding. You may notice your teeth look longer than usual. You could also notice some of your gums aren’t attached to your teeth anymore. Periodontal therapy consists of treatments such as scaling, planing, or an antibiotic to remove bacteria. If periodontal disease is caught early enough, the treatment can help the gums to reattach to your teeth by reducing the size of the pockets formed by the bacteria. However, once it progresses without treatment, you may require gum grafting to replace the gums that were lost as a result of the disease.

Chronic Halitosis

While certain foods may cause bad breath and it’s possible to wake up with it, gum disease leads to chronic bad breath, even after you brush. The bacteria in your mouth produce an odor as a result of the waste they excrete. The smell may resemble rotten eggs or sulfur.

Getting Treatment

How our dentist approaches the problem depends on the severity of your issue. Scaling and planing thoroughly clean your teeth, gum line, and below the gum line to remove the bacteria. On the other hand, our dentist may apply an anti-bacterial gel or powder underneath the gum line. As always, we will ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Contact Advanced Dentistry of Woodland, serving Woodland, CA and the general vicinity, by calling 530-666-2117 to receive a periodontal therapy plan to stop gum damage.