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Protective Nightguards in Woodland, CA

Dental Nightguards Woodland CA

Many patients suffer from a condition called bruxism or nocturnal teeth grinding. While bruxism may seem harmless, it can have serious consequences. Not only do patients often awaken with aching teeth and a sore jaw, but bruxism can also lead to accelerated teeth wear as well as dysfunction of the jaw joint. This latter condition is also referred to as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD.

So how do you avoid grinding your teeth while asleep? Stress reduction may help, but a protective nightguard from Advanced Dentistry of Woodland is a definitive answer. Our nightguards are not “off the shelf” but are instead custom-made for your unique teeth and mouth. A custom nightguard will help protect your teeth and jaws from the effects of bruxism.

If you experience oral or jaw soreness in the morning, contact us now at (530) 666-2117 for help.