Invisalign Clear Braces

Metal-Free Braces in Woodland, CA

Invisalign Clear Braces Woodland CA

Most patients no longer need to settle for conventional metal braces. Although these traditional braces are useful for some types of orthodontic correction, they can be uncomfortable and negatively impact your self-image and confidence. Now, however, our dentists can offer “clear braces” in the form of Invisalign at Advanced Dentistry of Woodland.

Invisalign can address a variety of teeth alignment and bite problems, and these aligners are hidden and unobtrusive. No one is likely to notice you are wearing Invisalign. The aligners are completely transparent, very comfortable, and removable for eating and oral care. Also, there are no metal parts to scrape or poke your mouth. Many patients have enjoyed how clear braces allow them to effortlessly improve their smile.

If you are interested in learning if Invisalign is an option in your situation, please give us a call at (530) 666-2117 today.