Periodontal Therapy

Comprehensive Gum Care in Woodland, CA

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Did you know that your gum health is just as important as the health of your teeth? If your gums become inflamed or infected from plaque and tartar, the problem can quickly worsen and lead to the gums pulling away from the teeth, ultimately causing bad breath, tooth loss, systemic infections, and other serious problems. Periodontal disease is a degenerative condition in which your teeth start to lose their stability due to loss of bone support. More studies have shown that unhealthy gums can worsen heart disease or diabetes, and also increase the risk of preterm birth. Daily brushing and flossing at home are not enough to treat gum disease.

Unfortunately, periodontal disease cannot be completely cured or reversed. To manage this condition, we offer periodontal or gum therapy at Advanced Dentistry of Woodland. Our team can thoroughly remove plaque and tartar beneath your gums in a procedure called scaling and root planing. This therapy helps to resolve gum inflammation and prevent future progression of the disease. Of course, we always make certain to keep you comfortable throughout any gum therapy.

Sore, swollen, or bleeding gums are signs of a problem. Don’t neglect your periodontal health. Contact us at (530) 666-2117 today.