Ceramic Dental Crowns

Aesthetic, Durable Crowns in Woodland, CA

Dental Crowns Woodland CA

Crowns, or “caps,” are very common dental restorations. A crown can serve many purposes: It provides protection and reinforcement to a damaged tooth and can improve your ability to chew food. For instance, a tooth that has suffered from extensive decay (cavities) may be fragile and likely to break. A crown is custom fit for you and covers the entire tooth from the gumline up, so this restoration can protect the tooth from further damage while also “holding” it together.

Additionally, a crown can provide an attractive appearance to a tooth that has experienced trauma or decay. At Advanced Dentistry of Woodland, we offer ceramic crowns as this material most closely resembles natural teeth. Additionally, more recent ceramic materials have become very durable and aesthetic. Unlike metal, ceramic will not stain your tooth, yet the crowns are just as durable.

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