Mercury-Free Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Woodland, CA

Dental Fillings Woodland CA

A dental filling is a restoration used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage due to chipping or decay. It is used to restore the tooth to its original structure and function to allow you to smile and chew normally. In the past, common traditional dental fillings have been made from an amalgam of metals including mercury. Aside from the potential health risks, metal-based fillings have been known to cause tooth fractures and weaken teeth over time. Instead, consider tooth-colored composite fillings from Advanced Dentistry of Woodland.

Not only are our composite fillings free of mercury, but they are also comparable in strength and longevity to traditional amalgam fillings. With the ability to “bond” these fillings into your teeth, our dentists can preserve more tooth structure. Additionally, because our fillings are tooth-colored rather than silver or gray, they will blend in beautifully with your smile.

Remember, cavities need to be filled to prevent further decay and potential tooth loss. If you have tooth pain or believe you may have a cavity, please call our office at (530) 666-2117 right away.