How to Overcome Dental Anxiety in Children

Six multi-cultural smiling children piled on the grass

Dental anxiety is so common that there’s even a name for it: odontophobia. It’s tough for some adults to manage their dental anxiety, so how do you help a child who is having trouble coming to terms with a dental appointment? We’ll share some easy ways to help children overcome dental anxiety below!

  • Make dental care a priority early on

    You can help your child feel comfortable and familiar with our office by bringing them for regular cleanings and exams from a young age. Our staff at Advanced Dentistry of Woodland loves to see patients of all ages. We’re well-versed in the needs of younger patients.

  • Let them know ahead of time

    If your child knows in advance that they have a visit to our office coming up, they’ll have time to get used to the idea and feel more prepared when the appointment day arrives.

  • Explain the importance of good oral hygiene

    When kids understand that the dentist helps keep their teeth healthy and strong they’ll know why it’s important to visit our office. We take extra care helping our young patients understand the importance of caring for their teeth.

  • Give your child an activity to do while they wait

    Bring a favorite toy or a sketchbook so your child can have something to do while they wait for their appointment. At Advanced Dentistry of Woodland, we have a television in the waiting room to keep the whole family entertained before their appointments.

  • Be there for your child

    If necessary, you can be by your child’s side during their treatment. Having a familiar face to guide them through their experience can instantly put them at ease.

  • Remain calm

    If your child becomes anxious, show them how to take deep inhales and slow exhales to help alleviate their stress. Remain calm even if they become upset. Your relaxed attitude will communicate that they have nothing to worry about.

  • Reward your child for a job well done

    After your child’s appointment is over, reward them with something fun! A fun outing, a new toy, or a fun (tooth-healthy) treat are all great ways to help your child realize that going to the dentist is a great thing.

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